Hey Y'all! Thanks for visiting me here!

Little did I know that winning Class Clown two years in a row in high school would turn into a full time job.  I spent a good deal of time in my 20's exploring all kinds of interests. I studied creative writing, graphic design, oil painting, flower design, and even started a masters in education. I worked in a kitchen doing prep work, a flower shop creating arrangements and delivering flowers, and an art gallery building frames and mounting fine art. I started auditioning and working in community theater in Nashville where I grew up and remembered that I loved that collaborative environment and loved making people laugh. I exhausted all my training possibilities there and in 2000 decided along with Mr. Honaker to make the move to New York and study at Atlantic Acting School. The moment I began training I knew I had found my people.

After graduating in 2002, I spent another year at Columbia University being an outside actor for their graduate director class projects which culminated in a devised play ("I'm Not Peter Pan") that we performed at the Cherry Lane Studio theater and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. When I returned to New York, I started teaching speech at Atlantic Acting School. I continued to work in theater and started auditioning for commercials. In 2006 my first daughter Ella was born. I continued to work in theater and in commercials and my second daughter Vivian was born in 2009. Shortly after that I started working in voice over where I have experienced the most success. My two lovely girls are older now and I am ready and excited for the next phase of my life as an artist.