Actor, Mom, Wife, Teacher,
Lover of all things Theater

Throughout my creative career I am drawn to the underdog, the late bloomer, the hidden, secret, or private things that we all store away inside of ourselves. Growing into the wife, mom, and woman I am today; I strive to keep digging into what makes these stories so important and valuable to share with our audiences. My goal is to attempt to find the funny in the moments of growing older with children and a career and a husband and teaching and on and on and on. Can we laugh and cry at the same time? Yes, yes we can.


Headshot & Resume

Interested in seeing more of my work and where I have come from over the years? Download my headshot and resume by clicking the button below! You know you want to.

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My STory

How exactly did this southern girl end up a big city woman with two kids, a husband, teaching at a top conservatory and doing VO for multiple national brands?

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Acting and VO Reels

Samples are great, y’all. Especially when they come to the work I have done over the years in film and voice over. Click below to see samples of my work from multiple different mediums.